Wholesale Ready PVC Window

Wholesale Ready PVC Window

Another brand that we have main dealership in the Adana region is Pimapen prefabricated PVC door and window products. With its resistant and durable structure, Pimapen has a long service life. Therefore, we can say that Pimapen windows are an ideal solution for both business and living spaces. You can contact us to purchase our Pimapen PVC window products.


As Teknik Pencere, we are the Adana regional distributor of Pimapen. As Pimapen distributor, Pimapen Carisma PVC door and window series comes first among the products we offer to you. Carisma, one of the most popular products of Pimapen, has an extremely long lifetime with its high durability. You can contact us for Pimapen Carisma PVC products to be applied to your living spaces and workplaces. The general features of our product can be listed as follows:
  • Pimapen Carisma PVC products with 5-chamber profiles have a high insulation performance. With Carisma PVC doors and windows, you can get a superior experience in both heat and sound insulation.
  • The Pimapen Carisma series, which we produce with a double seal system, also provides a strong insulation against dust, water and similar substances. In this way, problems such as dusting in your living spaces are significantly reduced.
  • Carisma PVC windows, which use a special design, have an aesthetic glass appearance.
  • Similarly, in the Carisma series doors, the glass area has been specially enlarged. Thus, you can have a more spacious look in your living spaces.


One of the PVC series of Pimapen is Albatros Sliding PVC system. In addition to the high insulation provided by its double-glass design, Albatros also offers a high level of security. In addition, with its special corner joint profile, Albatros adds a spacious look to your living spaces. The general features of Pimapen Albatros Sliding PVC series can be listed as follows:
  • Albatros, which has 6 types of case models, creates the ideal solution for your living spaces. In this direction, you can choose door and window applications with different sash numbers.
  • The Albatros series allows you to choose between single glazing and double glazing. We can say that products using double glazing are much more successful in terms of sound and heat insulation.
  • In addition, there is tempered glass in the panel of Albatros PVC windows. Thanks to the tempered glass, the panel provides effective protection even against high-intensity impacts.
  • In addition to heat and sound insulation, Pimapen Albatros provides an effective insulation against materials such as dust and water. Products with brush gaskets greatly reduce the leakage of such materials.

BELLA Glass Balcony 

With a minimalist design, Bella glass balcony series is one of the best choices, especially when it comes to living spaces. Providing extra protection in terms of security with tempered glass, the product protects your living spaces against possible dangers from outside. In addition, it should be said that the product provides a high heat and sound insulation thanks to its double glazing design. General features of our Bella glass balcony systems are as follows:
  • As we mentioned above, Bella glass balcony series are double glazed, which means a high performance in heat and sound insulation. In addition, the product, which is supported by double row brush gaskets, is very successful in excluding materials such as dust.
  • The Bella series, which has extremely minimalist lines, thus highlights your balcony view. As a matter of fact, the main focus in the design of the product is to provide a wider viewing angle.
  • Thanks to the tempered glass application, Bella glass balconies are extremely safe compared to standard glass panels. Depending on the double glass application, it is possible to apply tempered glass up to 20 mm.

Frequently asked questions 

Glass balcony systems in which glass wings are folded over each other are called folding glass balconies. It is especially effective in transforming balconies into a living space independent from external conditions.

As the name suggests, the primary usage area of ​​folding glass balconies is balconies. Folding glass balconies offer an ideal use to create a strong insulation, security and living space. In addition, it should be emphasized that folding glass balconies expand the home view.

In terms of durability, we can say that folding glass balconies have a very high performance. On the other hand, depending on external conditions, the life of folding glass balconies varies. Although it has a long lifetime, it is not possible to say a clear time interval.

Folding glass balconies, which have a very practical use, have a very simple operation. The glass panels can be folded on top of one another or one after the other and thus can be easily cleaned.

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