Sliding Glass Balcony

Sliding Glass Balcony

As Teknik Window, we would like to emphasize that we are the regional distributor of the CAMODA brand in Adana. In this direction, you can contact us to get CAMODA Glass balcony systems. Our experienced staff will produce the ideal solution for you in a short time. In this direction, after the necessary investigations, we can move on to the project phase with your approval. For more information about CAMODA glass balcony systems, you can check our page.

VISTA UNICO Glass Balcony 

Combining practical use with a unique visuality, Vista Unico Glass Balcony allows you to create your living spaces from scratch. Vista Unico, which is generally known by the users as a glass balcony, has the opportunity to use window shades between double glazing. In this sense, we can say that Vista Unico Glass Balcony systems add a new living space to your home. It is possible to list the general features of Vista Unico Glass Balcony systems as follows:
  • Panels inside the Vista Unico Glass Balcony can be collected in both directions. Thanks to this feature, it ensures that your view remains intact.
  • Thanks to its practical use, Vista Unico Glass Balcony provides a unique comfort. In this way, you can significantly increase your balcony pleasure.
  • Thanks to the key sound of Vista Unico, there is no question of materials such as wind or dust entering your balcony. In this sense, Glass Balcony allows you to create a completely autonomous new living space.
  • Thanks to its special lock system, Vista Unico guarantees that your living spaces are completely safe from possible dangers.
  • The system, which has an extremely ergonomic design, is very easy to open, close and lock.

VISTA SLIDER Glass Balcony 

Having a flexible usage, Vista Slider Glass Balcony combines a stylish appearance with practicality. Applications of Vista Slider, which has become more and more widely used in recent years, can also be found outdoors. The use of Vista Slider Glass Balcony systems is very common, especially in areas such as cafes and winter gardens. The general features of the system can be listed as follows:
  • Vista Slider Glass Balconies consist of triple or five track systems. In this way, it is possible to say that the system, which can be used in wide openings, is ideal for uninterrupted views.
  • It should be stated that Vista Slider systems are extremely successful in providing heat and sound insulation. The glass panel is specially designed against air and foreign material ingress. Therefore, such transitions are minimal.
  • Vista Slider Glass Balconies contain tempered glass panels. In this way, your balcony and outdoor areas are in extra security against possible dangers.
  • Vista Slider Glass Balconies can be used easily, although it is applied in a wide opening. In this sense, it should be said that opening, closing and locking operations are practical and easy.

VISTA QUADRO Glass Balcony 

It is possible to say that Vista Quadro Glass Balcony systems have similar features with Vista Slider. Based on a rail system, Vista Quadro has a unique hardware and usage experience. In addition, it should be noted that the system, which offers an uninterrupted view, is suitable for use in different environments. In this respect, it is ideal for areas such as restaurants, winter gardens and cafes. We can list the features of Vista Quadro Glass Balcony systems as follows:
  • A special rail system is used in Vista Quadro Glass Balconies. This rail system, which can be double, triple or quadruple, is suitable for different places as mentioned above and applications are made according to the spaces.
  • It is extremely durable in terms of wind resistance. It exhibits a superior performance especially for outdoor spaces such as winter garden. Vista Quadro, which significantly minimizes the effect of outdoor climatic conditions, provides a seasonal use.
  • Similarly, Vista Quadro has a high level of insulation. Thus, the system that minimizes the bidirectional air flow preserves the heat inside.
It should also be said that in addition to the air, Vista Quadro also keeps out materials such as dust. In this way, Vista Quadro Glass Balcony allows you to create an independent living space.

Frequently asked questions 

Systems in which glass panels can be opened and closed by sliding through rail systems are called sliding glass balconies. Sliding glass balconies, which have a very practical use, also have a wide usage area.

Apart from the balconies, it is also possible to use sliding glass balconies in outdoor applications such as garden entrance, winter garden and awning. As a matter of fact, sliding glass balconies are used in most of the outdoor designs of cafe and restaurant-style enterprises.

Although they are extremely durable products, it is not correct to give a certain time about the life of sliding glasses. Because there are many external factors that will affect the condition of such products. However, we can say that it promises almost a lifetime with correct assembly and careful use.

In sliding glass balcony systems, there are rail systems that allow the glass panels to move. Thanks to these rail systems, it is possible to move the glass panels easily left and right. In this way, you can open and close the exterior of your living spaces practically.

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