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Pimapen, which is especially preferred for exterior decoration, has an extremely durable structure. In this sense, Pimapen products, which are much more resistant than windows and doors made of wood, offer a much more ideal use for living spaces. There is no difference between PVC and Pimapen in terms of meaning. As a general nomenclature, PVC windows and doors are called Pimapen.

A synthetic material called polymer is used in the production of PVC windows and doors. Products shaped as a result of plastic joinery are much more useful in this respect compared to other windows and doors. Due to the nature of the material used in its production, plastic window products have a much longer life than wooden products. In addition, it should be stated that PVC products are also highly resistant to water. As a matter of fact, PVC products preferred in exterior decoration can remain without aging for many years.

PIMAPEN Advantages

As mentioned above, pimapen products offer a much more efficient use than other windows and doors. In this sense, it should be stated that PVC doors and windows are very advantageous for both users and the construction industry.
In this direction, some of the advantages of Pimapen products that we can list are as follows:

  • Pimapen windows and doors are much stronger than those made with wood or aluminum. In addition, it should be added that Pimapen is much lighter despite its solid structure.
  • The strength of PVC is not due to the rigidity of the material but its flexibility.
  • PVC is much more resistant to external conditions. It is necessary to add external conditions such as rain and wind, as well as extraordinary situations such as fire. PVCs containing chlorine atoms are more difficult to ignite compared to other materials.
  • PVC products also have a high resistance to effects such as chemical decay, abrasion and aging. Accordingly, even if they are kept outdoors, it is possible to use them for many years. As a matter of fact, we can say that many Pimapen window profiles offer a lifetime use.
  • Another advantage of Pimapen products is that they provide a high level of insulation. Pimapen is much more successful than other materials in terms of both sound and heat insulation.
  • Finally, it should be emphasized that PVC products are quite economical compared to other materials. In this respect, PVC doors and windows are extremely budget-friendly in terms of both price tag and extra costs.


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Frequently asked questions 

Pimapen is a company that produces PVC, plastic joinery door and window products. Thanks to the trust it provides, the name of the Pimapen brand has become used as the general name of all PVC products today.

Pimapen, which produces door and window products, has a comprehensive product range. We can say that the company, which stands out with its robustness in exterior materials, offers many options for your living spaces.

It should be emphasized that Pimapen, which appeals to the wishes and needs of its users with its different product series, has a wide product portfolio. The prominent series of the company are Nirvana, Carisma, Albatros and Infinity models. You can check our page for more information.

Compared to wood and aluminum materials, PVC doors and windows are much more durable and robust. In this sense, we can say that Pimapen exterior products promise a lifetime of 30-40 years.

With its different products and models, Pimapen has an extremely wide range of products. Accordingly, Pimapen prices also vary according to product features. In this sense, it is possible to say that product size and model are the most determining factors on price.

Meter tulle is used when measuring the exterior products, and in addition, it is necessary to measure at least two vertical and horizontal places for joinery.

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