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Camoda glass balcony systems offer a unique view for your living spaces with their aesthetic appearance. As a matter of fact, glass balcony systems, which are increasingly preferred in recent years, are also extremely useful. Thus, Camoda glass balcony systems, which combine functionality and aesthetics, turn your balconies into an autonomous living space. For a perfect Camoda glass balcony design, you can contact us on our page.

CAMODA Glass Balcony Systems

Thanks to the glass balcony systems that increase the sound and heat insulation of your balconies, you can significantly increase your balcony pleasure. As we have stated above, both functional and visually unique glass balcony systems are divided into two according to their working principle. These are folding and sliding glass balcony systems.

Folding glass balcony systems consist of glass panels where the panels can be folded on both sides and collected. The panels, which provide a high sound and heat insulation, are also resistant to impacts in terms of safety. In addition, it is possible to separate the folding glass balcony systems into three different types.

Camoda Glass Balcony Advantages

Camoda glass balcony systems, which are preferred by more and more users, differ from traditional balcony designs (in terms of their innovative structure) with a distinct difference. In this sense, we can say that the design, which focuses on optimizing your balcony view, greatly increases the enjoyment of your time in your balconies. In general, some of the prominent advantages of glass balcony systems are as follows.

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  • In Consensus glass balcony systems, the glass panel, glass panel surrounds your entire view in height and width. At this point, we would like to emphasize that our company has carried out the necessary wind load tests.
  • Performus glass balcony systems have a more functional design compared to our other systems. Performus systems designed in harmony with your balcony architecture also contribute to the aesthetics of your living spaces.
  • Bella glass balcony systems offer a minimal design. Bella glass balcony systems, which have a design that optimizes the view of your balcony, easily adapt to your home architecture.
  • Bella glass balcony systems offer a minimal design. Bella glass balcony systems, which have a design that optimizes the view of your balcony, easily adapt to your home architecture.
  • Vista Slider glass balcony systems offer a wide viewing angle by covering your entire balcony profile. It is also ideal for creating an additional living space in designs such as a winter garden.
  • Vista Unico glass balcony systems stand out with the possibility of applying windows shades between two glass layers. This system used is known by most of the customers as the glass balcony with the self window-shaded.
  • In addition, the third option we can talk about is Vista Quadro glass balcony systems. The system, which can be applied to wide openings, is also very effective for a perfect insulation.

Frequently asked questions 

With its functional glass balcony designs, CAMODA is a glass balcony manufacturer serving as a subsidiary of the Pimapen brand. Having a wide product portfolio, the company offers innovative options at every point from balcony design to outdoor spaces such as winter gardens.

In general, we can divide CAMODA products into two as Folding and Sliding Glass Balcony products. In addition, these models are also divided into different series such as Performus, Consensus, Bella and Vista. You can check our page for more information.

CAMODA products, which exhibit an extremely sensitive approach to consumer needs, promise a superior performance in this sense. The products, which offer a practical use with their 3-wheel profile structure, combine a stylish appearance with a superior experience. In addition, we have to say that CAMODA products are very successful in sound and heat insulation.

With its wide product portfolio, it is possible to use CAMODA products in different places. You can use CAMODA products, which are especially preferred on balconies, for outdoor applications. For example, you can create new living spaces in garden entrances, conservatories and similar additional outdoor spaces.

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