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Teknik Window, the architect and practitioner of glass balcony and PVC systems used in living spaces, proudly presents. As the Adana regional distributor of CAMODA and PİMAPEN brands, we manufacture wholesale ready-made PVC windows and glass balconies.
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Technical window, to the whole world; It exports glass balconies and PVC windows. It sends products to Iran, Nigeria and 4 countries. The products we export are as follows: Ready-made PVC Window, Foldable glass balcony, Sliding glass balcony. Please contact for our other products.

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Generally, it is possible to divide glass balcony systems into two. These are folding glass balcony and sliding glass balcony systems. However, it should be noted that these two general categories contain different model series.

As with many other exterior wall products, more square meters are used in glass balcony price calculations. In addition, the profile of the materials used in the construction phase is also determinant on the price.

In terms of price, it is extremely difficult to predict how much glass balcony applications will cost. Because each living space has different requirements in such architectural changes. Therefore, before we can specify a price, we need to examine the area where it will be built.

The material profile of a good glass balcony should be original. In this sense, attention should be paid especially to the quality of aluminum. In addition, it is useful to examine the system wheels. You can also look at the additional features of the system such as water discharge and curtain profile.

The glass balcony systems you prefer in your living spaces have different features according to their models. In this respect, choosing among our products suitable for your home architecture will produce much more efficient results. In addition, thermal insulation, aluminum profile, filtering of sunlight and assembly quality are other issues you should pay attention to.

The most important point you should pay attention to in order to understand the aluminum quality is the profile wall thickness. In standard applications, the thickness is expected to be 3 mm. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that the aluminum profile and wheels are not rusty or scrap. In addition, the quality of workmanship during assembly is also important for the efficiency of glass balcony systems.

After you submit your requests to us, our teams must first examine the area and perform pricing and transaction analysis. After that, it is possible to say that the assembly will be completed within a week or two depending on the seasonal intensity.

It should be said that CAMODA glass balcony systems have an extremely high efficiency in terms of thermal insulation. Therefore, the hot air inside does not leak out. In this direction, we can say that glass balconies have a very efficient performance in creating a living space that is isolated from the outside.

We cannot say that glass balcony systems alone are sufficient to prevent sunlight. Although it is successful in terms of filtering, you may need to use additional curtains to completely block the sunlight.

If you want your glass balconies to block sunlight, you can choose glass balconies with black glass panels. Black glass balconies will prevent sunlight to a certain extent. If you are planning to apply a glass balcony to an area of your home that gets too much sun, a black glass balcony is a good option.

Glass balconies, which allow you to create living spaces isolated from external conditions, help you create spaces where you can spend time in your home and gardens regardless of the season.

CAMODA glass balcony systems contain many extra precautions for your safety. At the very beginning, it is necessary to mention the tempered glass profile, which provides a much higher resistance. Tempered glasses, which offer high resistance to impacts, provide up to 5 times the strength compared to standard glass profiles. In addition, glass balcony systems are completely safe in terms of lock system.

One of the important security measures of CAMODA glass balcony systems is wind resistance. Tempered glass profile provides high strength against wind as well as impacts. In addition, it should be emphasized that the whole system was tested for wind resistance.

Glass balcony systems, which have many practical features in terms of usage, are also very easy to maintain. It is sufficient to dust the wheel system every two months. In addition, you should wipe the windows with a damp cloth as you would when cleaning any glass profile.

CAMODA glass balcony systems include brushed double gaskets. In this way, our glass balcony products do not allow any liquid passage. Therefore, we can say that our glass balcony products allow you to create a living space completely isolated from climatic conditions such as rain.

CAMODA glass balcony systems have an extremely robust lock and security system. In this respect, it is impossible to get inside by breaking the lock or the glass from the outside. Therefore, there is no need to worry about theft and similar situations.

We can say that our CAMODA glass balcony products are an ideal choice both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. In this sense, our products are designed in a user-friendly way at every point from thermal insulation to practical use. For an experience that exceeds your expectations, you can choose CAMODA glass balcony systems.

You can choose our black or white glass balcony products according to the conditions of your living spaces. It is possible to say that white glass balcony systems are more suitable especially for houses with little light. On the contrary, in homes exposed to excessive light, black glass balconies reduce the effect of the sun.

It is possible to say that black glass balcony products significantly reduce the sun’s rays. Accordingly, if you live in a house with little light, choosing a black glass balcony makes your living spaces look darker. If you do not prefer such a view, you can go to our white glass balcony products.

When we look at the laws, it is seen that there is no ban on the construction of glass balconies. However, it should be reminded. In the floor ownership law, it is mentioned that living areas where the architectural situation should be preserved. Any repair or modification, including glass balcony, in such architecture is prohibited unless permission is granted.

In terms of laws, there is no indication that glass balcony systems create an obstacle in terms of residence permits. In this direction, there is no obstacle for you to buy a glass balcony system.

One of the features that CAMODA glass balcony systems promise you is its watertight structure. In this direction, if there is such a problem in your glass balcony system, you should contact the company from which you made the application. Because glass balcony systems are designed in such a way that you will not encounter such problems.

One of the important advantages of CAMODA glass balcony systems with its double glazing and brushed double gasket system is its high thermal insulation. In this sense, our products prevent the hot air inside from leaking out. In addition, it allows you to create an isolated living space by preventing wind and rain drops coming from outside.

When it comes to glass balcony applications, it should be emphasized that each living space has different needs. For this reason, our teams must first examine the area in order to determine the correct profile. In this direction, the glass balcony system must be designed in the most efficient way in terms of both the rail system and the wing profile.

Insulating glass balcony systems are specially prepared glass balcony systems using double glass panels. In order to provide thermal insulation in these types of glass balconies, all stages such as junction and connection areas, silicone applications are arranged in a way to maximize the heat insulation.

It should be emphasized that double glazing panels are more successful in providing thermal insulation than single glazing applications. However, not every double glazing panel is double glazed. Special connection techniques and silicone applications are used for thermal insulation in CAMODA glass balcony systems. In this sense, we can say that our products promise you maximum heat insulation.

Measuring is very important for the pricing of glass balcony systems. However, it should be reminded that a much more precise measurement is made during the assembly and manufacturing phase. In this direction, measuring the handrail of the area where the glass balcony will be applied and multiplying it with each other gives the square meter of the single handrail. By applying the same process to the other handrail, you can get an overall square meter measurement when you add the two units together.

CAMODA glass balcony systems have different models that we offer to your liking. Some of these models have roller blind applications, while others have blinds.

Sliding or sliding and folding glass balconies are two different glass balcony systems offered by CAMODA. It is possible to say that both models have their own convenience and advantages. In this direction, it will be much more correct to choose the most ideal one for you by comparing the products.

In the sliding glass balcony cleaning, removing the glass panels from the system facilitates the process. It is possible to clean the glass panels that you have removed with water. You can use a brush for dust and dirt on the rails. In addition, you can use a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust particles. In this sense, we can say that sliding glass balconies offer a very practical cleaning opportunity.

After all the necessary inspections and manufacturing phase are completed, it is possible to complete the assembly of the glass balcony within one day. In this direction, we can say that our teams will perform the assembly together with all operations within approximately 5 hours.

CAMODA glass balcony systems allow you to create living spaces isolated from external conditions. In this sense, our products prevent both rain and wind as well as dust, leaves and similar objects from entering your living spaces. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize the efficiency of our glass balcony systems in terms of sound and heat insulation.

There are different color options you can choose among our products. Apart from transparent glass balcony systems, it is possible to say that glass balcony systems such as black, smoked and blue are often preferred. In this sense, it will be much more effective to determine your preference according to the architecture of your living spaces.

CAMODA glass balcony systems have special applications to prevent steam in glass panels. The dropper located in the lower part of our glass balcony systems provides the discharge of water caused by perspiration. In addition, airing your living spaces frequently, especially in winter, will also reduce sweating and, accordingly, steam.

Tempered glass panels are used in CAMODA glass balcony systems. Accordingly, it should be said that our glass balcony systems have an extremely durable structure. However, of course, there is a small possibility of breaking glass balconies. Nevertheless, it is imperative that it be subjected to high-intensity impacts.

It should be said that our glass balcony systems are extremely durable with the application of tempered glass. However, sudden temperature changes, mechanical or physical forces, severe impacts and pressure cause the glass panel to break when it creates difficult conditions. However, for this to happen, there must be a high-intensity blow or constant compulsion.

CAMODA cam balkon sistemleri, yaşam alanlarınızın güvenliğini sağlamak için birçok önlem içermektedir. Bu doğrultuda cam balkon korkuluğunun son derece sağlam olduğu söylenmelidir. Bu nedenle cam balkon sistemlerimiz hem çocuklarınız hem de yetişkinler için tamamen güvenli bir kullanım vaat ediyor.

Balconies are living spaces whose usefulness changes depending on the seasons. However, glass balconies prevent seasonal use and create an isolated use from external conditions. In this sense, it should be emphasized that our glass balcony systems have high thermal insulation. In this direction, by using our products, you can continue your warm balcony pleasure even in winter.

One of the important advantages of CAMODA glass balcony systems is the high sound insulation they provide. Especially if you live in a noisy area of the city and therefore you are uncomfortable while spending time on the balcony, it is a good choice to choose our glass balcony systems.

With its brushed double gasket system, CAMODA glass balcony products also protect your living spaces against foreign objects that may come from outside. In this direction, by using our glass balcony systems, you can witness that the amount of dusting in your balcony has been significantly reduced.

Many people want to move their glass balcony systems to their new living spaces while changing their homes. In this direction, it is possible to move glass balcony systems to your new living spaces. However, in cases where there are serious mismatches in terms of size, unfortunately, various problems may arise in reassembly. In such cases, if you adapt your glass balcony to your new home with additional applications, it is possible that it will approach the same level with a new glass balcony system in terms of cost.

The workmanship during assembly is extremely important in folding glass balcony systems. In addition, you should examine the aluminum profile of the glass balcony you have chosen. In addition, the quality of the seals and silicone applications in the glass balcony system makes a significant difference.

In terms of thermal insulation, glass thickness is one of the points you should pay attention to in glass balcony systems. In terms of high thermal insulation, glass panels are expected to be 19 mm thick as standard. It is possible to say that glass panels of this thickness are quite successful in thermal insulation. However, it should be reminded that thermal insulation is not only about glass thickness.

There are many measures for the strength of glass panels in CAMODA glass balcony systems. Accordingly, it is not possible to talk about a situation such as the glass panel falling.

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